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Whether you are a small producer or a large distributor, Libertyprim is the ideal platform to accelerate your professional development in the fruit and vegetable industry.

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All the news on the fruit and vegetable sector

Follow all the news on the fruit and vegetable sector or discover new products by accessing the lexicon.

Top news

Fruits et légumes en UE : sortie de l’édition 2020 sur les tendances de consommation par Freshfel Europe Dans un communiqué de presse du 11 janvier 2021, Freshfel Europe annonce la publication de son « monitor 2020* » sur les tendances de...

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Qualité exceptionnelle pour les courgettes de l’Oustalet !
Qualité exceptionnelle pour les courgettes de l’Oustalet !

Des courgettes de qualité exceptionnelle chez l'Oustalet, producteur de courgettes à Mouriès dans les Alpilles. A l’Oustalet, le respect des courgettes et de l’environnement est le fer de lance. Pour éviter l’utilisation...

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Libertyprim helps you develop your business in the fruit and vegetable sector. We offer many innovative tools suitable for all stakeholders in the industry.

Services dedicated to each activity

Libertyprim, the solution to connect all professionals in the fruit and vegetable industry: producers, wholesalers, shippers, distributors, importers, exporters, traders, brokers, cooperatives, processors, supermarkets, buying centers, greengrocers, restaurateurs, carriers, horticulturists, equipment providers, professional organizations, etc.

At a local level

List your business for free on Libertyprim, and you will automatically appear in the local market section where your products and services will be offered to those who are looking for them.

At an international level

Libertyprim’ is the gateway to the international market of fruits and vegetables thanks to its extensive database, your offers will be automatically translated in many languages and made available to the entire world ! Give your business new commercial opportunities.

Make yourself visible!

Give your business the best visibility through a network of specific professional buyers. Create your professional web page and multiply your networking and new contact opportunities. Showcase your certifications, your production methods and infrastructures, your brands, your zones of activity, your product lines, and much more information.

Develop your own commercial strategy

Establish a commercial strategy that suits you thanks to privacy filters available in your interface, select the sectors of activity that you want to work with. You will this way optimize the quality and efficiency of your business transactions.

Receive notifications in real time

Receive notifications from buyers or sellers in real time thanks to our system of automized filters, receive offers to purchase and offers to sell, specially targeted in function of your professional activity !

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