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Vietnamese Cashewnut Kernels WW210

 Published on Wednesday 24 February 2021 02:37

_ Moisture: 5% Max
_ Broken: 5% Max
_ Mould and fungus: 0%
_ Admixture: 0.01% Max
_ Silk shell: 1% Max

_ We have been exporting to many countries for near 20 years and have been liked by domestic and foreign customers, such as Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic, Canada. , Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, United States., etc.
_ Manufactured using quality modern machinery and equipment, the factory meets food safety management system ISO22000 certificate by SGS.
_ New technology with no additives, no preservatives, sterilized by heat machine, no any chemicals.
_ Materials are carefully selected, good kernels, high quality, slightly sweet, delicious.

Country :  Vietnam Vietnam 

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