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 Published on Monday 23 August 2021 18:12

Our Company is an exporter of Perishable Jamaican Agricultural Products With the commitment and experience that build us in the industry.Our mission is to provide premium and healthy products for our clients worldwide. We look forward in developing a strong partnerships with customers who demand the highest quality obtainable and insist on continuous improvement. This strategy will allowed us to achieve long-term commitments with our worldwide partners and growers. This commitment is based on the pride and hard work we put on every product we supply.We are here to built a wide and strong network of loyal customers throughout the globe: Europe Union, Middle East, USA, Asia and other areas. We are exporting Yellow Yam, Sweet Yam, Negro Yam, Sweet Potato, Dasheen, Breadfruit, Sugar Cane, Pumpkin, Cocoa, Sour Sap, Sweet Sap, Star Apple, June Plum, Nesberry, Orange, Okra, Pineapple, Lemon, Guinep, Mango, Sea Moss, we also export the following food products Canned Ackee, Canned Callaloo, Pepper Sauce, Organic Honey, and for the rest of your needs " YOU NAME IT AND WE SOURCE IT".

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