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With the scientific name of Solanum Tuberosum, the Potato belongs to the botanical family of the Solanaceae, as well as the tomato, the pepper and the eggplant.


The Potato Solanum Tuberosum is native to the Andes, where it was cultivated by the Incas. It was not until 1570 that the conquerors brought it to Europe. This tuber had at first little success in France and it was not until 1716 that it was appreciated and known as potato.


Solanum Tuberosum is a perennial plant belonging to the Solanaceae family. The underground parts can be deep up to 80 cm and are composed of roots, stems, stolons and famous tubers called potatoes. The latter are of different shape, colour and size depending on the variety. Round, oblong, oval and more or less dented, the potatoes have a white, yellow, pink or even violet pulp depending on the varieties. Some of them are called precipitate because they produce early in the season, while others are later, so it is possible, in the northern hemisphere, to stagger harvests from May to October. It is customary to choose the varieties according to the type of cuisine and the desired tastes. The Solanum Tuberosum Samba is ideal for frying, the red Solanum Tuberosum Roselyne is suitable for those who appreciate its flavor, and Solanum Tuberosum Vitelotte Noire surprises by the violet color of its pulp.

Other facts

Antoine Parmentier (1737-1813) played a decisive role in the popularization of this new vegetable among the people and the elites, fighting the prejudices that surrounded it. In fact, the potato was suspected of spreading the plague. Louis XVI will congratulate him in these terms: France will one day thank him for having invented the bread of the poor.


China is the world’s largest potato producer, ahead of India and Russia. These three countries account for 40% of the world market. In 20 years, the share of developing countries had increased from 20 to 50% and accounted for 52% of world production. With an annual production of 23 million tons, Ukraine is the 4th largest producer of this tuber. In order of importance, the United States, Germany, Bangladesh and France.

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