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Cherry is the edible fruit of the cherry tree Prunus Avium, of which there are more than 600 varieties. It is also known as wild cherry or sweet cherry.


Before being cultivated, the wild cherries of the Prunus Avium were collected, as attested by certain kernels found in Neolithic sites and the archaeological layers of the Bronze Age. The cultivation of cherry fruits dates back to the 4th century before our era, as confirmed by the traces found in the Caucasus and in Anatolia. In literature, the first crops would have been of the Greeks, but a legend would indicate that they were of the Romans. Thus, the cherry would have been reported in Rome from Cerasus du Pont by Lucullus, during his military campaign against the Kingdom of the Pontus (South Coast of the Black Sea). Current sweet cherry crops are very similar to the wild Prunus Avium found throughout temperate Europe.


The cherry is a drupa of spherical form, of color usually intense red until almost black. The cherry tree is one of the most common fruit trees in our orchards. In the northern hemisphere, cherries are harvested from late May to mid-August. There are many varieties, the best known are Burlat and Bigarreau. It is consumed fresh or in cakes, mousses, jams and fruit stews. The larger cherries are usually the ones with better taste and texture. It has a low fat content and no cholesterol. Its energetic value comes mainly from the carbohydrates.

Other facts

Thanks to Louis XV, who especially appreciated this fruit, he is owed the optimization and intensive cultivation of the modern cherry tree in France. The fruits of the wild cherry are the same dark red as the cherries of our markets. When ripe, they have a sweet pulp that can be bitter without being acidic.


This tree species is cultivated due to its fruits all over the world. Global annual production of cherries is estimated at 2.44 million tons. Turkey ranks first among the fruit-producing countries, far ahead of the United States, Iran, Poland, Italy and Spain. In our country the cultivation of fresh produce, excluding processing, is estimated at 30 thousand tons, of which 35% are harvested in Rhône-Alpes, 29% in Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur, 13% in Languedoc-Roussillon and 8% in Alsace and Lorraine. Cherry is the sixteenth most consumed fruit in our country, the French buy an average of 200g per person per year.

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