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Red Kuri Squash

Red Kuri Squash - Vegetables 


Red kuri squash are pumpkin cultivars, their origin is Mesoamerican, more particularly Andean.


They are said to have been introduced to Japan by Portuguese sailors, and then arrived in Europe when a Japanese family brought them in 1957.


Red kuri squash are a category of Kuri Kabocha created in Japan from the Seiyo Kabocha, which are more like the Buttercup pumpkins. There we still find Kuri Kabocha of all colors, blue, black, gray, white, red and orange. Some have a rounder shape but all have a taste very similar to our Red kuri squash. Among them is the Delica Ebisu variety, highly appreciated by gourmets. From the botanical point of view, the pumpkin belongs to the family of the Cucurbitáceas and constitutes a variety of the species Cucurbita Maxima. Its fruit is pear or top shaped. Its color is red to red brick, pink, bronze or green. Its pulp is yellow and floury, its flavor is similar to that of chestnut puree. It is a creeping variety, and its stems, up to three meters long, produce numerous fruits, each weighing between 2-3 kg. The Red kuri squash is very rich in provitamin A and in various elements such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, silicon and sodium. It also contains many amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. It is rich in starch, natural sugars and carotene.

Other facts

At the beginning of its commercialization in Europe, the Red Kuri Squash was called Hokkaido Sweet Pumpkin.


Red kuri squash production remains confidential for pumpkin growers. According to research conducted by the Morbihan Chamber of Agriculture, four varieties give excellent results. These are Fictor and Solor varieties with good conservation aptitude and very good taste quality. Orange Summer Vitalis variety that enjoys a very good performance and also a good taste quality. Finally, the variety Alligator, which is a green Red kuri squash and is endowed, with less than 5% loss, with excellent conservation power.

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