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    65125, Odessa
    Ukraine  Ukraine
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    08606, Kyiv
    Ukraine  Ukraine

    Wholesaler in fruit and vegetable

    France has 20 wholesale markets. Marseille, Lille, Rungis, Strasbourg and 16 other cities share the supply of fruit and vegetables to wholesale professionals. The wholesaler organises the distribution of around 40% of the vegetables and fruit throughout France. Whether they are full-service distributors or market distributors, their main mission is to source and distribute fresh, fragile and varied produce every day to a diversified clientele, including supermarket chains, new arrivals and restaurants. The wholesale business requires expert knowledge of the traceability and logistics procedures for the products they distribute. The fruit and vegetable wholesaler must therefore ensure optimal precautions in terms of product preservation and hygiene. Translated with (free version) > Learn more

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