How it works?

Libertyprim is the networking platform for professionals in the fruits and vegetables sector.

We connect buyers, sellers, and service companies related to this industry, to facilitate commercial transactions. Our goal is to help these different actors to reach agreements through the offers and advertisements published on our platform. We also offer many online tools to help professionals grow their business.

Access all the players in the fruit and vegetable industry

Libertyprim is your gateway to a community of professionals in the fruit and vegetable industry. With our list of professionals, you can easily find commercial partners, suppliers, or potential customers using precise search criteria. Connect with businesses from around the world and multiply your commercial development opportunities.

Professional page

Creating a professional page on Libertyprim is the best way to increase the visibility of your fruit and vegetable business online. Create your professional page with care to give the best impression of your company. Add your logo, a YouTube video, photos, your range of products, your brands, your areas of activity, your certifications... Write your presentation text and generate your page!

Account Certification

Because Libertyprim places great importance on the quality and safety of exchanges between our members, we offer an account certification service to ensure a high level of professionalism and trust on our platform. A certified account will provide better visibility to your page and will be indicated by a small icon next to your company name. To certify your account, simply send us the official registration document of your company from your dashboard in the "My Account" section.

A vast database

Easily publish your offers of fruits and vegetables with our pre-filled database system and automated translation system. Each published offer will automatically be translated into all available languages on the site to offer you the greatest visibility.

Publish fruit and vegetable offers

With Libertyprim, you can easily publish your fruit and vegetable offers by specifying details such as variety, seasonality, origin, certifications, photos, packaging, and much more. The more detailed your offer, the more visible it will be to professional buyers. You increase your chances of concluding commercial transactions.

Publish ads

On Libertyprim, you can easily publish ads for your services and equipment related to the fruit and vegetable industry. Specify important details such as the type of equipment or service offered, availability, location, photos, and much more. The more complete your advertisement, the more attention it will attract from professional buyers.

Update your offers and ads

As offers and ads are sorted by publication date, regularly updating them will keep you well-positioned in search results. Refresh your offers and ads to attract more customers and increase your chances of closing successful transactions!

Export your offers

Once published on the platform, you can export your fruit and vegetable offers with your customers and business partners directly through the Libertyprim messaging system. This feature allows you to send a secure Libertyprim link that redirects to your offers in web, Excel, or PDF format. You can regularly update your offers and export them as many times as you want.

Local market

Libertyprim is an international platform, but we also strive to promote local markets and short supply chains. That's why we have implemented search filters to help you find offers of fruits and vegetables near you. You can select your country, region or even set a maximum distance in kilometers to refine your search.


Increase the visibility of your fruit and vegetable offers, equipment and services ads, or your company's professional page by featuring them for a week with our boosts. With an affordable price, you can boost your products and business by paying with either a credit card, Libertyprim credits, or by using our premium pack.

Libertyprim Credits

We offer credit packs that allow you to purchase boosts and featured listings for your fruit and vegetable offers, service and equipment ads, or your professional page. Credit packs are a convenient option for saving money and enjoying reduced rates compared to cash payments. The higher the pack you choose, the more money you save. Additionally, using credits is simple and fast, allowing you to promote your products and services in no time.

Libertyprim Premium Pack

The Libertyprim Premium Pack is a monthly option that gives you access to exclusive features to enhance your experience on our platform. With this pack, you can benefit from several free boosts every month to increase your visibility. Additionally, you have access to unique features such as the ability to see who viewed your page, unlimited messages to contact other members, and the ability to have multiple users for a single account.

Advertising spaces

Our advertising spaces provide effective ways to promote your business on our platform. The featured promotion places your business at the top of our homepage to maximize your visibility. This option is perfect for businesses looking to stand out. We also offer sponsored articles, which provide a unique presentation of your business on our platform. This option is ideal for businesses looking to create a strong brand image and attract attention.


With the alert feature, you can be notified in real time of new offers and ads posted on the platform that match your search. Simply add an alert to your search list by specifying your selection criteria such as category, region, product, or service. As soon as a new offer or ad matching your criteria is posted, you receive a notification on your Libertyprim account. This way, you can be sure not to miss anything and stay informed of new opportunities that arise in your business sector.

Transport lines

If you specialize in the transportation and logistics of fruits and vegetables, Libertyprim has developed a specific tool to help you optimize your transport routes. By signing up on the platform, you can add your routes directly from your professional page. Your transport services will then be offered to companies located near your routes, allowing you to optimize the use of your transport network.

Customize your strategy

Go to your account, in the Preferences section, and create your own commercial strategy using our privacy filters. You can select the sectors of activity and geographical areas that interest you, in order to receive messages only from professionals in those sectors and areas. This will allow you to receive messages perfectly suited to your needs.


The dashboard allows you to have an overview of all your activities on the platform. You can find all your ads, fruit and vegetable offers, visit statistics, as well as all the necessary information for managing your account. It is an essential tool for monitoring and improving your professional activity on Libertyprim.

Messaging system

The Libertyprim messaging system is an essential tool for exchanging and communicating with your customers, business partners, suppliers, and other players in the fruit and vegetable sector. By using the Libertyprim messaging system, you can easily discuss the details of your commercial transactions, ask questions about the products and services offered, negotiate prices and conclude your transactions more easily.

My Favorites

With Libertyprim, you can easily add a fruit and vegetable offer, a service and equipment ad, or a professional to your favorites list. This allows you to easily and quickly find them later without having to search for them again. It's a convenient feature to keep track of offers, ads, or professionals that interest you and meet your needs.

News in the fruits and vegetables sector

Discover the latest trends, events, news, and initiatives in the fruits and vegetables industry with our News section. Stay up-to-date to make informed decisions for your business. Check our platform regularly to not miss out on the latest news in the industry. Plus, receive internal news about Libertyprim.

The fruit and vegetable lexicon

Libertyprim provides you with a complete lexicon of fruits and vegetables. You can discover new products, their variety, size, taste, seasonality, origin and much more. This lexicon is a valuable tool for buyers and sellers who want to better understand the products of the fruit and vegetable industry. You will be able to make more informed decisions when buying and selling fruits and vegetables thanks to this information.

Job offers

Are you looking to hire qualified personnel for your fruit and vegetable business? With Libertyprim, you can easily post your job offers, specifying the position to be filled and your selection criteria. With our platform, you will receive targeted applications to find the ideal candidate that meets your needs. Take advantage of our international network to reach as many potential candidates as possible and grow your business.