How it works ?

Libertyprim' is an ad platform dedicated to all professionals of the fruit and vegetable sector. It connects buyers, sellers or agricultural service or sales companies to each other through offers and advertisements posted on the platform and offers numerous online tools to develop your business.

Company Profile and Digital Directory:

Libertyprim' is also a wide professional directory, modern and qualitative, that allows you to reference your company with numerous search criteria and filters, in order to offer you the best visibility on the web.
To list your company in the Libertyprim' directory you must have a Pro or Pro+ account. This will allow you to multiply your contact possibilities and increase your visibility. Create your profile page carefully to give the best image of your business. Add your logo, a youtube video, some photos, your product range, your brands, your areas of activity, your certifications, your social networks and website... Write down your presentation text and set up your page!

Verification of your account:

Because Libertyprim wants to provide quality content and ads, we offer a verification service of your establishment. To check your account, just send us your company registration document from your dashboard in the "My account" section. As soon as we receive your document, our team will take note of your information. A verified account will offer better visibility to your page and will be indicated as such by a small icon next to your label.

A large database

Publish your offers easily thanks to our preloaded database system and our automated translation system. Each published offer will be automatically translated into all languages available on our site to give you the greatest visibility.

Publish offers:

The offers section allows you to group all the products you sell on a regular basis, you can indicate for each offer their seasonality, their certification, one or more photos (depending on your subscription type), the type of packaging, and many other criteria. The more detailed an offer is, the more likely it is to succeed in a transaction.
We recommend that you fill in as much information as possible to optimize the appeal of your offers. Keep in mind the quality of your photos, the visual is one of the first elements taken into account by buyers.

Update your offers frequently

The modification date appears on each of your offers, so it is important to update them regularly if you want them to remain active on the platform.

A recent update date is also a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism and will boost your transactions. As offers are displayed by default according to the publication date, this will allow you to stay well positioned in search results.

Create your product catalog in PDF format:

Once your offers are published on the platform you have the possibility (according to your subscription plan) to export your product catalog in PDF format. You can use this document internally or send it to your different clients and business partners.

Update your offers frequently and export your catalog as many times as you wish.

Establish your own business strategy:

Log in to your account in the Preferences section and create your own business strategy using our privacy filters. Select the sectors of activity that can access your publications, choose the geographical areas with which you work. This way the applications you receive will be perfectly suitable to your market.

Local market:

Although Libertyprim is an international platform, we wanted to integrate an environmental initiative highlighting the local market and small circuits. Once you have created your profile page, your company will be geolocated according to your country and region. If you are a seller, your offers will also be automatically offered on the local market according to your seasonality.


If you are looking for a partner to be part of your business, a distribution network for your products, or to place a specific ad on your products or services, feel free to post them on our site, an excellent means to highlight your company, your services, products and expand your professional network.
There are several types of ads available:

Sellers Ads:

A specific shipment? Tonnage to be sold? Quickly post a sales ad on the platform, upload a photo, and receive requests from buyers in your inbox.

Buyers Ads:

Looking for a product? A service? Publish a purchase ad and receive the best proposals suited to your search criteria. Find new business partners and build strong relations with new suppliers long-term.

Ads for Other Services:

Offer services, sell agricultural equipment or supplies, post an ad in this section and find potential new customers or distribution channels.

Ads for Job Offers:

Are you hiring? Post your job offers indicating the position you want to be filled and all your selection criteria. Receive specific requests and find the hidden gem for your business.

Ads for Events:

Do you participate in a trade fair? Do you organize a particular event? Or do you just want to communicate a new aspect of your business? Post an event and tell to your potential customers the message you want to highlight.

A Tool for Transport Companies:

Are you specialized in the transportation and logistics of fruits and vegetables? Libertyprim' has developed a specific tool for your sector. Register on the platform and add your routes from your profile page.

Your transportation services will be offered to companies that are close to your routes. You can also post an ad through this same tool between each step of your journey to inform your potential customers of your available load capacity and thus optimize your transport channels throughout your network.