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Publié le Tuesday 30 August 2022 23:53
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ProvenanceProvenanceEthiopie  Ethiopie / Addis Ababa
DescriptionDescriptionWe supply high quality fresh Avocado and Papaya fruits from Ethiopian farmers to distributors and retailers in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. We procure directly from our growers so that we are able to deliver on our promise of absolute freshness. For buyers, we guarantee consistency in quality and fair pricing while for farmers we guarantee market and fair prices for their produce. Our fresh fruits from Ethiopia are healthy as they are grown naturally in very good climate which is very favorable for growth of fruits and vegetables. We ensure high standards in packaging so that the fruits are delivered fresh and nutritious. We have various supply zones and are therefore in a position to provide you with the quantities as required.
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Avocat  Provenance Ethiopie

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Publié le Tuesday 30 August 2022 23:53

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